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People make first contacts with law while they watching some movie. There are so many movies with this theme but how good are they portrayed. How many of them can make you tell the sentence – I could imagine this situation in real life. And how many of them made some influence on people. Were there some kid who watched some movie with lawyer in main role and somehow influenced that kid to become an attorney. Well I don’t know, but movies have huge influences on our lives.

Here are for me some of the best movies connected with law.

  • Primal Fear

Martin Veil is a classic lawyer who sees nothing but money as a primary goal and who doesn’t care about the truth as long as he profits. But he experiences one of biggest personal transformations. Changing from a important person, to a modest civil servant, trying to help his client in removing murder charges.

  • A few good men

This story begins with lazy attorney who really don’t want to do much. But when put on the murder trial of two marines who were accused of killing a fellow private, he wants to expose his talent. He is a good lawyer, who didn’t had an earlier opportunity to show that. Classic from zero to hero story.

  • Philadelphia

Andrew Becket is a lawyer who has HIV. And he is wrongfully terminated from his law firm after his illness is discovered. In this story, inspired by true events Tom Hanks gave a career best performance. He won an Oscar also for this role. But in this movie lawyer duo Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington prove that little guy can win.


  • My cousin Vinnie

Ok, this is not a good representation of lawyers on movie I just really like this movie. Who can blame me?

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