You think that your law is strange, well read these ones!

1 In Oklahoma, you can be arrested if you are making faces in front of the dog.

2 In Salt Lake County, Utah, is not allowed to carry the violin in a paper bag.

3 In San Francisco is not allowed to tow manure that is more than 6 feet on the street corner.

4 In Texas, it is forbidden to make furniture if you’re naked.

5 In Montana it is illegal to have sex in the front yard after sunset.

6 In California, driving without a driver must not exceed the speed of 60 miles per hour.

50 Weird Laws

7 Florida prohibits men to make a public show in the dressing strapless.

8 In South Carolina is punishable to beat your own wife in front of the court on Sunday.

9 In Tennessee is breaking the law if you drive while you sleep.

10 In New York, the sentence for jumping off buildings is death.

11 In PA All hydrants must be checked one hour before the fire.

12 Wisconsin punish the man who fired shots during sexual intercourse if his partner is at its peak.

13 In Pennsylvania they will punish you if you attach the bill to the thread and pull it when someone wants to pick it up.


14 In New York City is prohibited in restaurants to call sandwich “sandwich immigrant beef” if it is made ​​with white bread and mayonnaise.

15 In San Francisco it is forbidden to delete circuits’ laundry carriage of underwear.

16 In France you cannot sell ​​ET dolls because it is generally prohibited from selling the dolls that do not have human faces.

17 In Louisiana, biting his teeth as an ordinary attack until the bite of artificial teeth is considered a serious attack.

18 In Washington is illegal to have sex with a virgin, regardless of the circumstances, including and the first wedding night.

19 In Switzerland is forbidden for a man to urinate standing after 10 pm.

20 On Thursday, after 6 hours is prohibited farting in public in Florida.

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