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DES VU, Moments turned Memories Chapter 1

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Today is the day Adina starts her second semester. She was terrified to a point it was getting on her nerves but was she someone who would show her worries to anyone? Hell no! Not even he closest friends know about any of the demons inside her mind.

rHer first semester result was terrible and on top of that she failed a subject. This was a huge blow to her self-esteem. Cherry on top is that she has started having second thoughts about her very serious relationship.

rBut she wouldn’t say a thing or voice out her concerns to anyone. She doesn’t have anyone to voice out her concerns. Having friends doesn’t mean you can talk to them about anything and Adina wasn’t the person who would just talk to anyone.

r‘Can I really keep going on like this with Fredrick?’ Adina was currently sitting in the bus which was headed towards her university. Soft Sun rays of 7:35 in the summer morning of April were constantly saying hello through the window but not once did she replied back.

rshe hadn’t eaten breakfast and her stomach was growling but she shushed it and drowned herself in thinking about her relationship. What should she do? Breaking up wasn’t an option because she is far too committed to do that but on the other hand Fredrick wasn’t showing any signs of change.

rFinally the bus reached her university breaking her chain of thoughts as she got up and started walking towards the designated spot her friends would always be.

r‘I really wish they don’t ask about the necklace’ taking a deep breath she walked in the cafeteria.

rThe cafeteria was a not huge but it was very neat as it was divided into an indoor and outdoor sitting area. To reach the outdoor reach you needed to cross the indoor area first.

rAdina entered the indoor area and saw her friends sitting outdoor though the window separating the two areas.

r‘it’s okay you can do it. just pretend it doesn’t affect you’

rThis was the exact opposite of what she was feeling but she would rather keep the storm inside herself than tell anyone else.

rShe picked up her pace and as soon as she entered the outdoor area her friend spotted her.

r“ ADINA!” Sam called her name full excited as she walked towards him.

r“ How have you been sam?” they both shook hands before she put down her bag and pulled her wallet out while listening to Sam answer her question.

r“you need anything?”

rSam laughed before replying.” You failed a subject yet you want to drink Chai?”

rThis wasn’t an insult at all and Adina knew it but it still stung her. This was how they communicate but who was she to complain? She roast him far worse than this.

r“ The audacity of using You while its WE” with the smile Adina had on her face it was impossible for anyone to tell how low she was feeling about failing subject.

rShe never failed a subject in her life and the fact that not only she failed a subject but also had very bad gpa was eating her.

r“let’s talk about it after I come back with Chai”

r“ can you please get me Dr pepper too?”

r“ failed a subject still you want to drink Dr pepper?”

rShe didn’t wait for Sam’s reply as she went indoor and ordered both things.

rWhen she was had both the things she paid and walked back to the table where only sam was sitting only to realize Elina had arrived.

rThey both shook hands as she gave Sam his soda.

r“ now tell me how the ** did we both failed?”

rSam stared at Adina and sighed.

r“ I got no **ing clue.”

r“ you taught all of us and what you taught came exactly as it was moreover everyone you taught passed but you failed. Make it make sense “

rAdina gestured Sam to pass the pod. She needed that ** and the hit at the moment.

r“ you were the only student who paid attention in class and solved all the questions and did all the stupid assignments the professor gave us yet you failed”

rSam said throwing her hands in the air.

r“both of you were good students yet the professor **ed up both of you. Right babe”

rSam and Elina were dating and they were pretty sweet but Elina had tendency to get on people’s nerve by acting too childish for a 20 year old but it was none of Adina business.

rAdina usually shrug her behavior off.

r“ what flavor is it?” she asked taking a puff in.

r“ watermelon ice”

rWith every minute passing more and more people started arriving until the table was filled with 8 people.

r“ where is he?” Sam asked Adina

r“ beats me he should have been here by now. Try calling him”

r“no need. There he is”

rAdina turned her head and saw him walking in.

rReaching the table he said hello loud enough for everyone to hear and extended his hand towards me.

r“ hey Adina!”

r“Hey Grey!

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