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“ yeah I am fine just can you do something for me?” Grey nodded immediately ready to do whatever she asked him.

rAdina smiled and pushed Grey in the water. “ GO TO HELL”

rImmediately she got away from the shore of the pool leaving Grey dumbstruck. “ Oh boy she is mad,” Sam told Grey who sighed. He got out of the water and went towards Adina who was in one of the girl's rooms. “Hey! How you doing”

rGrey tried to lighten the mood but with one glare from Adina he shut up and started apologising.

r“ I would forgive you on one condition”


r “Teach me how to swim”


rThe only reason Adina didn’t want to get in the water was because she couldn’t swim. So someone constantly needed to be with her. She didn’t wish to ruin others' fun so just tapped out. But since they wanted her in the water and since she was already soaking wet why not just get in the water?

r“ let’s go,” Grey told her

r“yeah just let me get the damn zipper” Adina tried to reach the zipper wanting to take her dress off so that she could swim easily. At home Jasmine helped her with the zipper but here it was posing a challenge.

rSuddenly her zipper was grabbed. She looked back and saw Grey looking for her consent with his silence. She nodded as her mind went blank.

r“Don’t worry I will close my eyes”

r“What’s the use of closing them?”

r“What?” they both said simultaneously. They both were shocked seeing how Adina let her intrusive thoughts win and now Adina was saying just anything for a cover up.

r“Well you would be seeing me in a bikini anyway so…..” Adina was screaming internally. She was supposed to be covering it up not messing it up. Grey took a deep breath calming his mind. It was already pretty hard for Grey and Adina acting like this wasn’t helping. Grey wasn’t moving so Adina looked back and for the first time, she noticed how handsome he was.

rWhat the **? Was he always this handsome?

rSharp hazel eyes were staring at her, his thin lips were slightly apart, and his jet-black hair was wet and falling on his forehead. His shoulders were broad and the lack of shirt showed his good physique. His long neck showed his adams apple which was moving slightly up and down.

rFor the first time, she noticed the mole on his neck. It was small and cute. Completely opposite of how sexy he looking at this moment.

r“ Adina you alright?” Amanda came in breaking the moment. They both snapped out of the moment. “ I would be waiting outside”

rGrey got up and immediately walked out closing the door.

r“ is everything alright?” Amanda asked

r“ yeah just need help with zipper” Thank God Amanda was a slow person. She helped her with the zipper and they both walked towards the pool. Grey was already in the pool.

r“ WOAHHHH! The party is here” Sam hyped Adina for joining.

r“ The party needs to learn how to not drown first” Adina replied.

rSam patted Grey’s shoulders. “ That is what he is here for anyway”

r“What am I? Her boyfriend?” Grey snapped but managed to disguise it as a reply.

r“ well aren’t you! “ Sam teased to which Grey told him to shut up

rAmanda jumped in the pool while Adina sat at the side. Grey swam towards her and extended both of his arms. Adina placed her hands in his and jumped in the pool as he began teaching her.

r“Focus on your breathing and push yourself up. Move your arms and legs like how I taught you”

rAdina was surprisingly good so he wondered why she never learned it. Upon asking he felt his blood boil. In Adina’s family boyfriends take their girlfriends to pools and teach them to swim. All her sisters learned it like that so Adina wanted Fredrick to teach her but when she told him her wish he shrugged it off saying he was too busy preparing for the entrance examination of universities. Adina understood as it was an important time but even after he had gotten into the N university he still told her No as he was still busy.

r“ why didn’t you fight him? You should have done something Adina”

r“ Grey! Fredrick knows the type of person I am. I never ask for anything and when I do it’s just once. The fact that I asked him twice but he still said no was disrespectful. And who said I didn’t do anything? I didn’t go to meet him when he was departing for N university.”

r“ you deserve better”

r“What?” Grey was so glad that he didn’t say it out loud. He quickly changed the subject and Adina also didn’t press on it. He taught her good forty five minutes before she was able to handle herself on her. that was when the fun begin. They all started playing crazily in the water. Splashing it on each other, racing, chasing each other, diving, going down the slide. They all didn’t come out until they were exhausted.

rSo the guys went to grab some snacks while the girls sat on the beach chairs.

rAdina was lying down to the chair with just a towel wrapped around her waist. The boys came back with tacos and shawarma. They all distributed things and everyone started eating.

r“ Wasn’t there anything with chicken? I don’t like beef” Elina pouted.

r“Grey you picked up a Chicken shawarma right?” Ezra pointed

r“ Adina is eating that” Grey replied

r“ Adina do you mind exchanging with me? i don’t like beef” Elina requested but before Adina could answer grey said

r“ Adina also don’t like beef that was why I brought chicken for her”

rAdina was stared at Grey. She didn’t ask him to bring the chicken one than how did he knew? That was when she remembered telling him how she doesn’t like beef but eats it anyway because one shouldn’t be picky about food.

r“How can you remember something so small and unimportant?” Adina whispered in Grey ears.

rTo which Grey replied “ Everything about you is important”


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