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Grey’s mind was a mess. Since the pool party, he couldn’t stop thinking about Adina which was low-key **ed up for him. He was hundred percent sure that Adina don’t see him that way and he also didn’t wish to see her that way. He knew they were very close and Adina’s relationship was pretty rocky but that doesn’t mean he got his way.

rMultiple times he asked himself whether he liked Adina or not. The answer was always the same. No, he didn’t like her so at the end he concluded that Adina was a beautiful and attractive lady. Anyone would be attracted to her and he was no exception. Somehow he felt lucky to be close to Adina. He knew how many guys try to approach her but get brutally rejected. Adina never approaches anyone. She never needed to do so. Everyone approaches her willingly. He felt lucky because Adina approaches him first.

r“ Grey” Grey turned towards Adina who was showing him her phone. He looked at screen of the phone and it took him a minute to realize what was happening.

rThere was a picture of Grey holding Adina and laughing as they both were in the pool. the problem was

r“ Why do we look like a couple in love?” Grey took the phone from Adina’s hand and looked closely to confirm what he was seeing. They both looked so good together that it was weird. If it wasn’t them in the picture they also would have thought that it was a photo of a couple.

r“ There are more,” Adina said frustrated. Grey started scrolling the pictures and with each picture he passed his jaw dropped lower and lower.

r“ WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!” there was a photo of both of them in their swim wears holding hands and looking at each other while giving their best smiles. That photo literally screamed COUPLE IN LOVE. While in reality, the floor was slippery so Grey was supporting Adina so that she doesn’t fall. Adina did slip once and Grey managed to catch her hence they both looked at each other and laughed. Who knew that moment would end up in a photo looking something completely different.

r“Just one question why are we looking good together? It’s as if we were made for each other” Adina asked that question but turns out Grey also had the same question. They both had zero feelings toward each other so why the hell all of their photos end up looking like they were a couple madly in love?

r“ who took these pictures?” Grey asked concerned. Such photos shouldn’t be taken by strangers.

r“ Sam’s friend took them from his phone” Grey handed the phone back to Adina while making a mental note to ask Sam whether or not he was the only one who had these. The conversation then shifted to asking which picture they liked the most. Adina picked the photo where they both stood at a safe distance from each other. Grey told her that his favourite was that one too. Later that day when he was home and in his room he scrolled through the photos again and stopped at a particular one.

r‘ Only if I could tell you’ he stared at the photo where Adina was hugging him tightly when he had let her go in the water. Grey turned off his phone but just as he did that his phone screen lit up showing a text from Sam. Just as Grey read it he cursed “SHIT This is bad”


rIt was the next day and early morning. Everyone had gathered in the class and were waiting for the professor.

r“How dare she copy my assignment?” Ezra protested in front of the whole. Adina stood there calm and collected while Sam and Grey tried their best to calm Ezra down. Adina could hear everyone whisper about what they thought was happening. They thought that she had copied Ezra’s assignment which was far from truth.

r“ I trusted you Adina when I shared my assignment. How could you just plagiarise that?”

rThe professor had given the class a project where they had to build a circuit for desired output with the given value of resistance and make a report on it. Adina had skipped class where the professor had taught the construction of the circuit hence she was struggling. Adina asked Ezra to help her with it. In exchange, Adina agreed to do two of his assignments.

rAdina did both of his assignments and sent it to him but when she asked him to keep his end of the bargain Ezra flipped telling her he wouldn’t help with the construction of the circuit and would only share report with the condition that she doesn’t copy it at all costs. Adina was pissed but didn’t say a word. She needed the report before she says anything.

rWhen she got the report she skimmed through it and used chatgpt to create hers as time was tight. Turns out Ezra had also used chatgpt and now their assignments were the same.

r“ Dude the professor didn’t say a word to you. You both got full marks so what the problem?”

rSam tried to reason with Ezra but Ezra just had to prove that he was a jerk.

r“ that’s the problem. Only I should have gotten full marks”

rNow Adina was pissed. Who does this guy think he was?

r“ Listen here you piece of **” Adina who was silent this whole time spoke. Her voice was so firm that all the whispers in the classed died down.

r“Whom are you calling piece of **? me or yourself?” Ezra replied making Adina scoff

r“I got no need to clarify who id piece of ** here as there is only you who have been acting like that. I never copied your assignment. You didn’t even make it on your own so you have no right to say I copied you”

rEveryone eyes widened. What was Adina talking about? Ezra eyes popped out as he knew what she was talking about

r“ you used chatgpt and so did I so what’s with all that victim playing?”


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