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Everyone was shocked. From the beginning, Ezra has been claiming that he spent hours creating that assignment and Adina just copied him.

r“ What is she talking about?” Grey stared at Ezra. Ezra obviously claimed that she was lying.

r“ okay let’s just put both of our assignments in chatgpt and see whether I am lying or not”

rEzra went quiet and everyone understood his silence.

r“Shame upon you Ezra! We made a deal! I did the assignments you told me to but you didn’t keep your end of the deal. Fuck the deal! So many times I have helped you with work. All your assignments from last semester did you forget that you copied mine without consent and I didn’t even say a word but now you have the audacity to lie in front everyone? You really are one petty and pathetic person”

r“ you are a bitch”

rAdina didn’t get the chance to reply as the professor had already walked into the classroom everyone took their respective seats. When the class was over Adina got up and bolted out of the classroom before anyone could even catch up to her.

rShe simply texted Grey that she would meet them at the cafeteria. So the whole group except Ezra went to the cafeteria and after what seemed like an hour she returned with a smug look on her face. She asked where Ezra was and Grey told her that he ran away for fear that he and Sam would beat him up for calling her a bitch.

r“ Where did you go?” everyone asked but Adina remained silent still having that evil grin on her face. The next day Ezra stormed inside the classroom yelling at Adina.

r“ WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?” the whole class was confused. Adina remained calm and with a smug look she replied “ You called me a bitch. I just acted like one”

rNow the whole class was even more confused as Ezra had started crying. What the hell did Adina do? Soon the class advisor entered the class.

rApparently, Adina had gone to the Class advisor complaining that Ezra was copying all her assignments. Adina showed her assignments which were submitted way before Ezra’s and then showed her that each word was the exact same as hers. The CA asked why was she coming to her now to which Adina replied that she knew only recently and warned Ezra but he didn’t listen. The CA did run a check on both of their assignments and turns out that Adina was telling the truth. As a punishment, all of Ezra’s assignments were nullified and he even got negative markings in all subjects.

rThe CA was lecturing the whole class on the consequences of copying assignments. Ezra was in tears and the whole class was too shocked to say anything. They now understood what had happened and agreed that Ezra deserved it. They praised Adina for what she did.

r On the first day of their university everyone took notice of a girl who wore green shirt paired with white pants and sneakers. Her hair was tied in pony tail and she looked just like any other student, simple and clean but something about her was different. Despite wanting to go and talk to her no one could muster the courage. For some reason her presence held power that intimatedothersr making it hard for them to approach her.

rShe never talked to anyone. She didn’t need to! Everyone looked at her but not once did she look back at them. Everyone thought it was because she was arrogant. Amanda was the first person who talked to Adina. If Adina had even an ounce of arrogance that would have shown then and there but it never did. Whoever talked to her respectfully she did the same. That was when everyone realized that Adina was just introverted. Now they wanted to be friends with Adina but Adina was a reserved person. Everyone was a little jealous of her friends especially Grey. He was the first person whom Adina took the initiate to talk. Only if they were there in place of Grey!

r“ You really are something!” Sam texted on the whatsapp group.

r“ Enjoyed the show didn’t you?” Adina texted back with a smile.

r“ Now I am kind of afraid of you” Amanda commented.

r“ You aren’t an asshole like he so don’t worry. I never hurt friends” Adina texted

r“ You didn’t consider Ezra a friend?” Elina was the one who asked this. Elina knew that Adina didn’t like her a lot so she was kind of scared of her. Adina knew the underlying meaning of her text. Yes, Adina can be cruel but she has no reason to do that to Elina. Yes, Elina did get on her nerves sometimes but she never directly did anything to her. Adina wanted to clarify but didn’t have the words.

r“ just like she said he was just an asshole nothing more” Suddenly Grey's text popped up. This whole time he was quiet but when she needed him he spoke up.

r“Wanna go out for drinks? My treat” Adina texted and soon everyone forgot what they were talking about and now were fighting about which place to go for drinks. Adina left everyone to decide while she opened her and Grey’s chat.

r“You can buy whatever you want” Grey saw his screen lit up with Adina’s text. He looked at the front row where Adina was sitting. He sighed and smiled. ‘ she could have just said thank you’ but then remembered that she was bad at expressing her feelings even if they were as simple as gratitude.

r“ Your welcome” he texted back looked at her for her reaction. He was just teasing her telling her that he saw through the text and was curious about her reaction. His heart skipped a beat when she blushed out of embarrassment. She bit her bottom lip and took deep breaths.

r‘FUCK’ Grey cursed under his breath. Adina never showed emotions let alone doing such thing as biting her lips. She did that thinking no one saw but Grey did and it drove him crazy.

rHow many layers Adina have to herself? He wanted see all of those layers. It may drive him nuts but he was willing.


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