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DES VU, Moments turned Memories Chapter 2

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“ how have you been?” Grey took the seat next to her.

r“ Fine” which was a lie

r“ how are you? What did you do in your semester break?”

rThe conversation started as everyone told how they spent their semester break but Adina couldn’t pay any attention.

rShe was too lost in her thinking about the night she found out her result.

rThat day she had went to meet her high school girlfriends. Oh boy they had a blast. Meeting your best friends from school after such a long time truly felt nice. Adina’s smile was reaching the moon on the way back home and when she arrived home all on cloud nine Grey called her telling her that results were out.

rAdina was all fine until he told her she failed a subject and her low Gpa. That was a huge blow to her confidence as she was pretty sure she broke a leg in her examination.

rThat beautiful memory turned into a nightmare still tormenting her. Worst part was when she broke the news to her parents. Though they told her it was fine and she could just try again they couldn’t hide the look of disappointment on their faces.

rThat day Adina decided whatever it took she would get a better grade next semester. She would get a better grade even if she has to work her ass off. Even if she faints or have nose bleeds she would get better grades.

r“ ADINA!!”

r“WHAT? Sorry what were you saying Brinda?”

r“ why are you so lost?”

r“ Whom were you thinking about? Your love is right next to you” Sam teased

r“ Geez dude my love is in a different university in a different city who the ** are you taking about?” Adina knew very well what he was talking about

r“ Grey, he is your love just like you are his. Are you really denying it after wearing couple clothes?”

rAdina took a look at her outfit which was baggy while shirt baggy blue jeans and white chunky sneakers and then looked at what grey was wearing.

rWhite shirt ,blue jeans and white sneakers.

rIt was the exact same. FUCK! How did she not notice that?

r“ Dude don’t you have better things to do than match us up for no apparent . reason? No wonder you failed a subject”

rGrey and Adina were very similar in taste, things and most of all how they like to dress. Not only that they both were very close so everyone naturally assumed that they both liked each other which was far from reality.

rAdina was in a relationship and Grey hated relationships. They were just close friends who understood each other better than others.

r“ Dude denying it all you want dude. You guys wear the same outfit every **ing day” Amanda added

r“ it’s just a…” “ COINCIDENCE!” Adina tried saying something but everyone completed her sentence. What the actual **?

r“ yeah we know. Pretend all you want” Ezra said

r“ ** you all. I am going to take a stroll Adina you coming?”

rAdina would be anywhere than here right now.

r“ you took the words out of my mouth”

rAdina got up and started walking alongside Grey.

r“ He should take something else out of your mouth too”

r“ it’s better to leave it inside I guess” Amanda added

r“ OH shut up guys!” Adina snapped back as they both left the cafeteria ignoring their laughs and started walking towards the place they usually take stroll.

r“ well that was something! HEY! Don’t you have other clothes to wear?”

rAdina stared at Grey in disbelieve.

r“ Why don’t you wear something that doesn’t match with mine. Seriously dude! How the ** we just end up wearing the exact same clothes on the exact **ing day?”

r“Beats me. Maybe if you stop dressing like a tomboy this won’t happen”

r“ Seriously this is chic. You are the one who is dressing girlish”

rAfter what seemed like ten minutes of useless bickering they both reached the conclusion that neither of them dress like a tomboy or girly.

rThey have both minimalistic fashion style. They both hated dressing fancy but also hated not looking presentable hence clean, neat and simple were their first choice.

r“ Okay I know we both are the same person but just opposite gender except the fact that you are too short.”

r“ HEY!” Adina hit his bicep “Whom you are calling short? It’s not my fault that you are a giraffe”

r“ I am pretty sure you are the problem here”

r“ Naahhh! I am never the problem. I am too well behaved and mature to be the problem” Adina started bragging

r“ but you can HAVE problems. Right?” Adina was laughing all the time through-out their bickering but at this question her smile dropped.

r‘How the ** does he always know’

r“ What do you mean?” Adina tried playing dumb and pulled up a fake smile but as always Grey saw through her

r“ Playing dumb won’t work on me. What’s bothering you?”

r‘how the ** is he sooo good at this. No one can ever read my mind then how’

r “Nothing’s bothering me dude. Why would you say that” Lieing was all she could do. The concept of expressing her feelings was foreign to her so she just avoided his eyes by turning her head and enjoying the greenery

r“ Are you upset that everyone ships us?” Adina head snapped towards him

r“ WHAT?! NO. I know that they all are joking.”

r“ NO seriously if it bothers you I can ask Sam to stop this joke”

r“ Dude it’s fine. They are just having fun at our expense and honestly why should I care when I know that it’s not true. It won’t be long until they grow tired of this joke”

rIt was true that everyone was just joking. They were just a bunch of young adults who had too much free time before their classes started but they weren’t jerks and honestly she enjoyed the jokes. It kind of helped her forget her relationship problems.

r“ so if you are cool with that than is it your result?”

rAdina sighed at how spot on he was.

r“ don’t you have better things to guess about?”

r“ Bingo right!” that wasn’t a question but a statement as Grey knew he hit the spot.

rAdina could believe herself as she ran a hand through her mid waist length hairs.

r“seriously how the ** can you even tell? No one can tell that something is up then how can you?”

r“ listen! if you don’t want to talk about it I get it but just know it’s okay”

rThis was what Adina liked about Grey. He would let her know that he was there for her and if she choose to tell him something he would listen without judging.

rAdina stared at him wanting to tell him but couldn’t bring herself to say a word about the storm inside her.

r“nothing it’s just stupid”

r“ tell me Adina. I know it won’t be”

rAdina once again wanted to tell him but nothing came out of her damn mouth so she just kept quiet.

r“ you feel stupid and have low confidence because you failed a subject and have a bad gpa but you can’t show anyone?”

rAdina’s jaw dropped.


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