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“ she is too childish for her age!” Adina wasn’t complaining nor was she upset. She was just letting out her thoughts. Everyone had gone to cafeteria except for Adina and Grey who came to south. South was yet another canteen but was outdoor with benches made of limestone’s surrounding tables which were also made from limestone’s along with trees shading them from the direct sunlight.

r“ She is being childish to her boyfriend so it’s none of our business”

rGrey reasoned and Adina understood. It was Elina’s right to ask for such things from Sam they were no one to comment on that.

r“ look I don’t care about her being childish with Sam. I mean he is her boyfriend she got every right but she knows that wherever Sam would go everyone would go so she kind of take advantage of it”

r“ well can’t argue with that! By the way where did Amanda go?”

r“ Her mum called so she went home. Maybe something about going to market or I don’t know”

rBoth of ordered some chai and took seat in a relatively cool place than the surroundings. Grey and Adina were die heart lovers of chai. Both of them drank their chai’s and talked for some more and before they knew it was time for the next class.

rSo both of them got up and left for the class. They both arrived together in the classroom where the professor was already present.

rThe professor looked at them from top to bottom taking in all the details so much so that Adina and Grey weren’t left unaware. In the professors knowing smile they both saw her saying ‘I see your matching outfits’.

rThey both shared a look of helplessness. This twinning was really ruining their images in front of professors. Even if they deny that nothing was going on it was useless.


rUpon arriving home Adina got pissed. The room was a mess and all the utensils were utensils in the kitchen were dirty.

r‘i really want to smack both of them’

rAdina started with the room which she and her sister shared in this shared apartment. Picking up the clothes on the floor and putting everything else in it’s place she went to the washroom to fresh up a little but once again got super pissed. There was no running water.

rCan this get any worse?

r‘It’s alright. It’s alright’

rIt was the exact opposite of what adina was telling herself. Adina went out of her room to liana’s.

r“ there is no running in the taps” Adina tried her best to ignore her hot mess of a room and not gag.

r“ Oh i forgot to pay the landlord so he cut the water. Don’t worry I did pay him so it would be back before night”

rAdina nodded and turned. She wanted to curse but reminded herself that this wasn’t her apartment but liana’s and if she wanted to live here she can’t go ballistic. Not that she would ever do that.

rSo instead she walked back in her room and started studying. Though it was her first day she still studied because she didn’t want to take any chances when it came to her grades.

rAfter what seemed like an hour Jasmine came home. After verbally greeting each other Jasmine turned towards the washroom when Adina told Jasmine what the situation with water was which pissed Jasmine too.

rThey both always paid rent and bills to Liana on time so the fact the she didn’t pay the landlord on time was wrong.

r“ Did you eat?”

r“ I wanted to but all the dishes and utensils are dirty and unwashed”

rWhen Adina and Jasmine moved here they brought their own dishes. Like any other person they put everything in the kitchen but that was where the problem. Liana used all of their things which was fine as long as she washed them all. But recently she has started using them and just leave them unwashed.

rAdina and Jasmine’s schedules are pretty strict. Waking up early and coming home late so they keep everything ready, neat and clean.

rLiana doesn’t understand that. She uses things however she likes leaves them dirty even ruins them.

rJasmine was furious. She has been dealing with liana’s bull** for about four months now and it’s getting out of hands. Jasmine went to liana’s room and politely told her to wash all the dishes as soon as the water comes as she needed to cook.

r“ did you eat during the day?” Jasmine asked coming back in the room.

r“Nope didn’t get the time. Did you eat at work?” Jasmine was graduate and currently working while pursuing her master’s degree. Today her afternoon classes were off so she came back early.

rAfter sometime water came as both of them took turns in the washroom to freshen up, Jasmine cooked dinner and washed the dishes while Adina ironed their clothes for the next day.

rAdina’s phone buzzed and she found grey’s text betting that they would be matching tomorrow as well.

rThis has became an inside joke of theirs. Adina replied saying there was no way it would happen two days in a row and pressed her tea green colour shirt which she choose because it could be paired with dark blue skinny jeans which doesn’t need to be ironed.

rIt was unlikely for the universe to ** them up so bad that they coincidentally wear the same clothes for two days in a row.

rThat was what Adina thought when she arrived at university and saw grey standing in tea green t shirt and dark blue jeans.


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