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DES VU, Moments turned Memories Chapter 9

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It was finally the weekend so Adina was catching up on all the sleep she couldn’t during the week but even after that she couldn’t sleep past 11 as it was too hot.

rShe got up and took a small bath to cool down her body. Jasmine was immersed in the movie she was watching on her laptop but when Adina came out of the washroom she spoke

r“ what do you want for breakfast?” to which Adina replied that she don’t know.

rDid she not eat properly for the entire week?


rDid she over-work herself?


rDid she eat ramen last night?


rWas she hungry?

rFor some reason Adina had stopped feeling hunger. It was weird at first because she used to get butterflies in her stomach but since she was too lazy to walk to canteen which was 20 minutes away in 45 degrees she simply ignored them. With time she stopped feeling anything at all.

rBut it wasn’t too bad and nothing alarming. In Adina’s mind she was always a healthy person who rarely got sick so she didn’t care much about her meals.

rOnly if she knew what a cannonball event she was preparing for herself!

r“ The French fries shop down the street are good why don’t we eat that for now and for lunch I would whip up something”

rAdina was okay with everything but just one. The reason Jasmine told her about the place and even offered to pay on top of that, with that grin on her face it meant only one thing.

r“ I am not going”


r“ I love you” Jasmine made a heart with her pointy thumb acting all cute while Adina face said nothing but finding her sister cute. They lived on the second floor and there was no elevator not to forget that sun blasting 47 degrees. It was just a small walk still Adina was panting and sweating.

rPutting down the fries and some groceries she told Jasmine that she is the one going next time.

rJasmine pulled out a spray. “ There have been too many mosquitoes lately “

rAdina nodded as she dug into her fries.

r“ you are making chai”

rWell to Adina’s surprise it was already cooking in the kitchen.

rAfter they were done eating Jasmine told Adina that Lilly texted that she would be coming over today sending her over the moon.

rLilly was Adina’s older sister by seven years whom had gotten married early last year. Well, it wasn’t Lilly for whom Adina and Jasmine were over the moon.

rAround 6 pm Lilly arrived. Adina didn’t bother saying hello as she took Kai in her arms.


rKai was Lilly’s son who was just a few months old yet he was the world to everyone. Her parents her siblings all adored him to death.

rJasmine got busy cooking, Adina got busy playing with Kai and Lilly got busy sleeping.

rShe was a new mama which was basically equal to sleep deprived. Adina never thought that being a mama would be this hard but seeing her sister so exhausted both mentally and physically she now had new respect for mothers and a little fear of new child.

rAdina absolutely love children and definitely want her own but now she knew this wasn’t just something easy but an actual 24

/7 responsibility.

rWhile playing with Kai Adina got a text from Grey asking her about an assignment. She replied him and also sent him a picture of Kai and just like that their conversation started. Kai who now had a little lesser attention on him didn’t like it and started crying.

rLilly was sleeping so Adina just picked up Kai and went to kitchen where Jasmine was cooking.

r“ Why are there so many of our dishes in sink?” Adina did all the dishes last night so the only dishes there should be in sink is of chai.

r“ Liana” was all what Jasmine needed to say for Adina to understand. What the actual ** is wrong with her? Can’t she understand human language.

r“ I refuse to do these dishes! Every single time I came home all the dishes are in the sink. None of us use them heck we haven’t even step foot in the kitchen for the entire week. I do dishes every-day when neither of us had used them. I am not doing dishes anymore. I am done with her bull**”

r“ Language Adina” even though what Adina said was true that didn’t give her the right to talk with foul language. Adina wanted to say something but didn’t as she knew Jasmine was right to correct her.

r“ Immaaaa” Adina and Jasmine head turned towards Kai who thought that they both were talking to him and he had to reply in his baby language.

r“ yes my darling what do you want?” Jasmine got all soft when talking to Kai. It was impossible for her to talk to Kai and not be soft spoken. Complete opposite of how she talks with Adina.

rWell who could blame her because that’s how blood relations work.

rKai was handed back to his mama as he had gotten hungry while Adina picked up her phone and saw Grey’s texts. She told him she didn’t left him on read and it’s that something came up.

rAt first he said he was alright but Adina felt that his mood was off for some reason so she insisted him on telling her

r“ I don’t like late replies”


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