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I'm the villain, so what The Lust I

Author:Moon Jaein Category:urban Update time:2024-06-11 09:25:19

Sejin and Akira maneuvered their way in the empty hallway to their class. Akira's eyes swept over the distracted figure of the prince and to their interlocked hands.

rHe had been informed that the young prince was allergic to touches labelling it as a dirty specimen, which he was curious about.

r'Looks like his said allergy was nothing but false'

rAkira thought in disdain, his eyes cast over the unsuspecting figure with displeasure. Dishonesty had always been his pet peeve.

rHe hated falsehood.

rThe mere thought of lying sends a bad taste into his mouth. It was unpleasant to say the least.

rUntil a mischievous thought played in his mind. His hands tightly clutched Sejin's, skin touching and gliding..

r'That should be enough to satisfy my curiosity'


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