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I'm the villain, so what Chapter 4

Author:Moon Jaein Category:urban Update time:2024-06-11 09:25:19

Sejin's POV :

rA week past since my first encounter with Third and in those days, I often visited his estate secretly. And he also taught me how to enforce mana in [ elemental weapons ]. Imagine his shock when he discovers Im the one who lost control in the cabins of blacks.

r'He became stricter than my math professor though..even levi can't escape his training'

rToday too, Third practically made us train from morning to noon until we're beat. Good thing he invited us to stay for the night in his abode so now me and levi are in one of the empty guest rooms.

rTomorrow is my first day albeit the fact that the story already started, there may be changes like since I am the main villain but I did not appear then who came in my stead?

rIn the game, when sejin came back, what he first did─

rWait...wait...WAITTTT... HOLD ON!!!


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