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NAN CHAN Chapter 14

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Shades of gray and white cloaked the night as the North Wind stirred up the snow. Bits of snow poured into Cang Ji's collar and rubbed against his skin, the cold penetrating his bones.

Why did it hurt so much?

Cang Ji tightened his grip. Jing Lin's back was a bloody mess. He climbed up, turned Jing Lin's face over and wiped Jing Lin's cheeks with his bloodstained thumb. Jing Lin was still trembling earlier on, but now, Cang Ji was the only one shaking. It was then he realized that shivering was sometimes beyond humans' control.

Resentful, Cang Ji gritted his teeth so hard they made a sound. He should be jumping for joy as he devoured this jumble of blood and meat into his belly. But for some unknown reason, he wanted to rip Zui Shan Seng's throat apart right this very moment.

Xiang Mo Staff returned to its master's hand. Zui Shan Seng had removed his hat earlier, revealing a head that looked as if there was a layer of green tangerine peel1 on it. He was initially haggard, but now he looked young. Zui Shan Seng carried his staff and approached, all traces of playfulness gone. Snow drenched his tattered clothes. His dark brown cassock was worn out, but on his body, it seemed like a stolen article.

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