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NAN CHAN Chapter 27

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At night, they slept with their backs to each other. The stone figure slept on Cang Ji's chest, rising and falling with each heave of his chest. It was asleep, but Jing Lin was awake. Rain had started to pour again outside. Thunder boomed.

Jing Lin listened to the rain as he meditated. He was about to rest when he heard the faintly discernible sound of the bell ringing in the rain. The bell led his mind drifting out of the chamber where he saw another scene.

The rain was still pouring.

A bare-footed child emerged from the bamboo fence and hopped towards the thatched hut with a fat leaf on his head. It was dark inside the house, and it reeked of foul medicine. The youngster ran to the inner room, leaving muddy footprints behind. A sickly and scrawny man was asleep on the old couch.

The young child kneeled down at the edge of the couch. Awash by the rain, his eyes shone even brighter. He took out an oil paper package from under his thin cloth and pulled it apart layer by layer. Lying inside was a sugar cake the size of his palm. Looking at the sugar cake, he could not help swallowing his saliva. He gave the man a push.

The man's eyes were closed.

The child whispered.

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