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NAN CHAN Chapter 37

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Jing Lin's wet hair was spread out over his body. His lips had been bitten until the skin broke, but the blood had all been licked away. His complexion was pale. He cut such a sorry figure that he did not look like Lord Lin Song at all. Lord Dong's words did not move him, because he was certain that Lord Dong was only trying to unnerve him.

Lord Dong had taken a solid blow. The front of his outfit was wrinkled. When he saw Cang Ji stupefied after hearing Jing Lin's words, he immediately struck a palm out between Cang Ji's arms and watched as the latter retreated. With his eyes covered by Jing Lin, Cang Ji could only distinguish the directions with his ears. As soon as he landed on his feet, he dodged. Without waiting for Zui Shan Seng to strike with his staff, he took Jing Lin and leaped a few li1 away.

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