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However, the upsurge of desire never found a release, because Cang Ji heard the copper bell swinging urgently, telling him to leave. It was as if the bell was absorbing his divine consciousness. The backtracking scene shattered, and in a blink of an eye, Cang Ji sank into his own spiritual sea. The brocade carp had swelled to double its size at a speed visible to the naked eye, and a deep dark color had crept upon its original color of golden red. The surface of its scales was slightly protruding and sharp. It no longer looked like a brocade carp at a glance.

Cang Ji transformed into human form. His arm extended out from the side of Jing Lin's waist as his neck adhered to Jing Lin's cheek. His shoulders seemed to have become broader. By the time his legs fully appeared, he could already hide Jing Lin in his arms. In the dark, the demon constructed a new human body. It was just as he had wished back then. He had become taller, far surpassing Jing Lin.

Cang Ji opened his eyes. He could hear the chirping of insects a few li1 away. Those tiny things that were once invisible were now magnified, clear, and visible. The heat current in Cang Ji's body underwent a change as his spiritual energy converged in his limbs and body; he could now use them as he wished.

He moved a little and realized that he was wrapped in a cocoon of vines and mud. The Mountain Deity's hum lingered. Cang Ji felt around his bosom. Jing Lin was icy cold all over; he was still asleep.

Cang Ji said,

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