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NAN CHAN Chapter 45

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Cang Ji lifted Jing Lin to his side amidst the billows of demonic aura. The stall's benches and tables broke. The long street was suddenly emptied, leaving only the wind raging on endlessly. The wind shoved Jing Lin back. Cang Ji reached out an arm to grab him by the back of his waist and pressed him against his chest, then he turned his back against the wind to block it off.

The wind howled. Cang Ji was like a safe harbor. Pressed against his chest, Jing Lin could clearly hear his heartbeat. Cang Ji's breath intimately surrounded him. All he could smell was Cang Ji's scent.

Le Yan had been blown until he was pressed up against the wall. It was only because he had turned into a brush and fell into a gap that he was not blown away. The mournful cries of the fox gradually tapered off into broken sobs. Jing Lin listened to the urgent sound of the copper bell; it was clearly urging them on. But there was nothing he could do at the moment; it was both equally hard to retreat or advance.

Wu Ying was caught off guard. The demonic wind sent him toppling over to the ground. The sound of the cries had unexpectedly sent a wave of sorrow over him.

The fox in the inn limped forward and turned into a tall man covered in human blood. He kowtowed repeatedly to Huachang.

With a heavy expression, Huachang caught hold of the fox's hands and sat down to whisper to him,

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