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Taming My Devilish Boss

Taming My Devilish Boss

Taming My Devilish Boss

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Morgan Thornhill is known to detest two things: Being kept waiting and anyone who challenged him.

When his secretary failed to pick him up from the airport and a lady challenged and insulted him, Morgan's anger grew to a point of no return.

That same day, he got entangled with a strange lady and ended up in a steamy one night stand with her.


Marrissa isn't a lady who gets intimidated easily. When fate entangled her with her devilish boss, Morgan Thornhill, Marrissa had to survive bitter blows he threw her way. And when Morgan needed the help of Marrissa to prevent a scandal, Marrissa demanded her arrogant boss put his pride away.

Later, Marrissa found out she was pregnant and when she told Morgan, he gave her money to abort it and get out of the country and his life, but Morgan's father interrupted their conversation and commanded they get married.

What would Marrissa do when she loses her pregnancy due to Morgan's insensitivity?

How would Morgan feel when Marrissa decides to live her life to the fullest, throwing caution to the air?

Would Morgan be able to control his jealousy and love for her?

What would happen when Marrissa finds Morgan in a compromising situation with another lady on a night to their wedding.

Find out how Marrissa was able to tame her arrogant boss and husband in this hilarious and romantic piece.

Enjoy !!!