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The Heavenly Martial Empress Returns: An OP Xianxia Returnee LitRPG

The Heavenly Martial Empress Returns: An OP Xianxia Returnee LitRPG

The Heavenly Martial Empress Returns: An OP Xianxia Returnee LitRPG

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    The Heavenly Martial Empress Returns: An OP Xianxia Returnee LitRPG
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06-12 09:38:43

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the pinnacle of a Xianxia Cultivation Story appears in the middle of a post-apocalyptic system and tower climbing setting, without having lost her powers, unrestrained, and invincible?

Bing Xue spent eleven thousand years in the world of Murim, ascending to become the pinnacle after countless hardships, blood, and tears, and sacrificing her own humanity in the process.

However, she was incapable of ascending into the Immemorial Primordial Void Realm; incapable of escaping the Heavenly Will's influence, she gambled it all on a single decision, escaping into the Outer Cosmos with her last remaining energies.

Despite thinking her long journey was coming to an end, a black hole teleports her back to Earth out of nowhere! However, things on her home planet are much different than before.

The Tower now exists, connecting Earth with countless other worlds. Monsters come out of Dimensional Gates, threatening humanity, and awakened people named Players climb the Tower in hopes of saving humanity from destruction.

After learning that her mother and her sister are still alive, Bing Xue will use the overwhelming and supreme might she has cultivated for eleven thousand years to destroy the tower, slay the gods that govern it, and save Earth from its untimely demise.

The System? She will fold it and make a fashionable scarf with it!

The Administrators? They might become her new pets.

The Monsters? Nothing but ants that die immediately by merely touching her Immortal Aura.

The Hunters? If they behave, she might make them her disciples and teach them to cultivate the Heavenly Dao, so they don’t rely too much on the System.

The Hostile Players? Just flies she’ll slap to death with a gentle wave of her hands.

And the Gods? Merely aperitives for her ever-growing Divinity!

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