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The Villainess Returns with a System

The Villainess Returns with a System

The Villainess Returns with a System

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    The Villainess Returns with a System
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In the confines of her chambers, Vivian Moore, made the tragic decision to take her own life.

The Crown Prince's abandonment for another and the humiliation she had to go through proved unbearable. Even the Royal Family made a move to banish her from the city by arranging a compensation engagement with a lowly Baron's Son, further shattering her and her family's reputation and dignity.

However, this desperate act opened the door for a New Vivian, a fusion of her former self and one from a different world who had witnessed these events unfold in a Visual Novel RPG.

This woman is Nadia of Medjay, a skilled thief and a secret agent, now shared Vivian's body and mind. As they became one, they emerged from the ashes of Vivian's destruction to be the Ultimate Villainess. Determined to Survive, Thrive, and Challenge the Narrative, Vivian embarked on a bold counterattack, setting her sights on the Heroine and the Seven Charming Princes.


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