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-This is my first ever novel that I wrote as a hobby. I'm really just trying to have fun writing a fantasy story, and for the most part, trying to see where the story takes me.

-Naturally, as a newcomer, there might be some small inconsistencies, but I will try to fix them before posting chapters.

-New chapter release schedule: Wednesday, Saturday, and Monday. This will range from 2–3 weeks (if I am insanely busy) or 1 week (if I have some breathing room to write chapters).

-Early chapters are. now being edited for quality purposes.

-Some chapters may be shorter than others; however, all the chapters will have a word count of about 1800 to 2000.



Reynold dies and finds himself reborn in another world, not as a hero or even human, but as a Hatchling Venenum Basiliscus, a six-legged, venomous lizard monster. Struggling to survive in a harsh, unforgiving environment teeming with fantastical creatures, Reynold has no memory of his past life.

Equipped with a mysterious game-like status system, Reynold must navigate this perilous new reality, discovering his unique abilities and understanding the rules of this strange world. Each day is a battle for survival as he faces deadly monsters, treacherous landscapes, and the constant threat of death.

As Reynold learns to harness his venomous powers, level up, and evolve, he begins to uncover secrets about the world he now inhabits. What is the true purpose of the status system? Who or what brought him to this realm?